The Event Bridge Process

Here is an actual case study. Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

This client, a charity, decided to try Event Bridge.

Before Event Bridge: one of their departments was responsible for importing details of their events from Eventbrite to Salesforce. This happened very irregularly and was error-prone. More often, it did not happen. The data imported was in a terrible state.

Since Event Bridge: the department that initially invested in Event Bridge has data that is updated twice a day from Eventbrite (they run over 50 events per year and have an attendance of over 100 at each). As a charity, it was vitally important that their data was processed securely in the EU (i.e. not exported outside the EU for processing). This has given them vast insights into people who attend, but are not yet members. In turn, this has sharpened the targeting of their marketing. So they have savings both in terms of times taken to import the data and, formerly wasted, marketing budget. The best thing is that two other departments have implemented the product since. Event Bridge is able to handle more than one Eventbrite account without data-collision or other, similar, problems.*

As there is now ‘live’, accurate data in Salesforce this has sped up user adoption, making the client’s investment in the product pay back. More members means more money coming in, allowing them to fully achieve the objectives of their charity.
In short, Event Bridge has revolutionised their marketing effort.

*Other products can only authenticate against one Eventbrite account per Salesforce Org. This works fully, even with the new Eventbrite API v3, using OAUTH2 and JSON. (Did we mention that it is secure?)

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