To help you find out if Event Bridge is a good fit we have a checklist:

Must haves:

  • You want to update your Salesforce information from Eventbrite
  • You use Eventbrite (one or more accounts)*
  • You use Salesforce**
  • You run many events in Eventbrite!


  • You use custom questions in Eventbrite
  • You need greater power than you can get from ‘consumer-grade’ solutions.
  • You must, for regulatory reasons, do all your data processing in a specified country.

*Event Bridge is solely for linking Eventbrite to Salesforce. If you have other data transformation requirements (i.e. Extract, transform, load – ETL), please get in touch with Cloud Genius Ltd to discuss.

**You must be using Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Performance or equivalent. This includes the version of Salesforce provided through the Salesforce Foundation to charities and non profit organisations.

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