What does it do?

Event Bridge gets your Eventbrite data into Salesforce intelligently, for all your events.

You get all the superb event handling of Eventbrite and the brilliant analytical tools of Salesforce.

Can you import custom questions and calculate check-in totals?

Many other solutions fall short in both these areas.

For example: a person made 3 purchases at this event for a total of 14 tickets – 3 tickets on one purchase, 5 on another and 6 on the last one. How many are checked in? (Unfortunately, other systems cannot work this out.)

Event Bridge is set up to be able to process your custom questions and the questions that other systems find tough. However, this is currently only available in our bespoke version. This will come to our standard versions in 2021.

Do I have to run it every day?

With some products you have to run them against each event and every time you want an update. Event Bridge is different.

Event Bridge runs regularly throughout the day.

For each event in Salesforce you change one field to say that you want it updated from Eventbrite and Event Bridge will then add that event to its workload. It will then keep that event up-to-date until you tell it not to.

You want new events in Eventbrite automatically added to Salesforce? Event Bridge can even do that. This is currently available in our bespoke version, but is coming to our standard versions in 2021

Does it work with Eventbrite API v3

Yes, Event Bridge works with the new OAUTH2 and JSON implementation of Eventbrite’s API v3. (We have noticed other products that only import the first 50 contacts of an event… not a full implementation!) Even better, the new API gives us the opportunity to add even more rich functionality to Event Bridge!

What if my needs change?

Different departments have different requirements.

Not a problem.

This is not our standard offering, but we are able to customise Event Bridge to your needs.

Do you have overage fees?

No. Event Bridge just keeps on working. It is only limited by connectivity speeds to Eventbrite and Salesforce and their API limits. Event Bridge is written to be economical on all these fronts. (We can handle thousands of events per year with thousands of attendees at each.) To help match your budget, we do have usage bands. We will work with you to provide a solution that fits your needs.

Is Event Bridge reliable/secure?

Our technology is boring. It just keeps rolling along. We don’t like hassle and fuss. We guess that you don’t either. We use reliable servers with reliable, fault-tolerant coding in a secure environment. Read more at security.

Why would I want it?

Just ask yourself this question: Would your marketing team prefer importing data into Salesforce or scheming and plotting out new events to turn your contacts into evangelists? For a longer answer, see here.

Can I have it?

As long as you  are using Eventbrite and use Salesforce CRM at the Professional level (with API) or higher, the answer is yes. For more detail, see here.

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