We started on the road to Event Bridge with the single most powerful word in analysis:


We looked at the questions you might be asking:

Why are people coming to our events and not buying our products/services?

Why are people obtaining tickets to our events, but not attending?

“It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the few.”
M Lawrence Light

Through the power of Salesforce you can examine which were your successful campaigns, which campaign influenced a particular individual.

You can identify your successes.

You can improve your campaigns.

“By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.”
Doc Searls & David Weinberger

In short, Event Bridge will allow you to ask the question:


and receive an honest, detailed answer that will allow you to become more successful.

You cannot, at any reasonable scale, analyse your data when it is all over the place.*
John Dray


*We worked out that (for one of our clients) one person importing all the data into Salesforce and regularly updating it would be fully employed for the year (and very fed-up). We did not expect good things of data quality, either!


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