Help! I’ve been planning an event for ages and it looks like it’s going to be empty! Eventbrite to the rescue

Help! I’ve been planning an event for ages and it looks like it’s going to be empty! Eventbrite to the rescue

Written by John Dray

26th November 2019

One of the most chilling throughts for an event organiser is an empty event. Think about it, after all the effort of preparing the event. After all the expense of publicising it, the worst nightmare is that it will be for nothing. The event will be empty.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

The Empty Event avoid it with Eventbrite


One of the simplest ways to help fill your event is to use a ticketing service.

A ticketing service like Eventbrite comes into its own because it helps you to fill an event. It is possible to put your event up there in just a few minutes.

Eventbrite handles your attendee list. They handle all the payment of tickets. You can put free tickets up there, too.

In a few minutes, you have an event page that looks classy. If you want you can have different tickets for early birds and for VIPs.

Not only that, but Eventbrite will publicise your event on social media. You can embed Eventbrite on your Facebook page, so that people can get tickets without even having to leave Facebook. 

Even better, it is a free service, although they will charge a percentage of ticket sales.

Customer Experience

This seems so easy. But the important question is, what does the customer get out of this?

Well, if you are bored and wondering what is going on in your local area?

You can pop onto Eventbrite and find events that match your interests. You can quickly buy tickets and either print them out or store them on your smart phone.

Once you get to the event, the organiser can quickly scan your ticket, or check you off on the printed attendee list and you are in.

It is so easy!

Eventbrite also gives out loads of handy tips on how to plan and prepare for events.

However, I think that most people like to be held by the hand as they do these things, so I am preparing some resources. See you soon!

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